The Happymen are a three piece band from New York City comprised of Greg Delves (guitar, vocals) from Melbourne, Australia, Rob Fisher (drums, vocals) and Phil Zuckerman (bass, vocals) from New York, New York. Formed in 2017, the trio embraced the sound of mid-'60s and 70's Blues Rock, Soul and Power Pop groups with a classic power trio lineup. Taking creative direction from a wide sphere of influences from Cream, The Who, The Small Faces and The Jam, rounding out a blues inspired driving soundscape.

With infectious groves and a powerful rhythmic back beat, it is impossible to stand still and listen. The Happy’s love to get the crowd dancing and feel the energy of their live performance. This is a band on a mission to bring the happy back to live gigs.

The trio immediately began writing, recording and performing in and around NYC and have plans to release their debut EP in the Spring of 2019.



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